Our Story

NanoAl LLC is a materials research and technology company dedicated to design, develop, and commercialize high-performance aluminum alloys based on scientifically-designed nanostructures. NanoAl was formed after 17 years of research at Northwestern University on advanced aluminum alloys. The impetus to start the company was the development of high performance alloys without the use of expensive elements. Together, Dr. Nhon Vo, Dr. David Dunand and Dr. David Seidman incorporated NanoAl LLC in 2013. The first material developed was a creep-resistant aluminum wire for electrical applications, followed by a number of innovative products. NanoAl is proud to receive numerous awards and contracts from small and large industrial partners as well as the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the National Science Foundation. We continue to serve our clients in US Governmental agencies and Fortune 500 companies. NanoAl LLC was acquired by Braidy Industries Inc. in September, 2018 to form the core research group at Braidy Labs. With a growing team, and more resources, we are accelerating the commercialization of NanoAl technologies.