Addalloy™ -  aluminum alloys for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is climbing an impressive growth curve, yet designers need a higher performing aluminum alloy.  NanoAl is answering the call with a new aluminum alloy tailored for the additive process, one that delivers unseen performance and economics.


High-Performance Sheet and Foil

NanoAl’s nano-precipitation technology is well-suited for a variety of aluminum series (1000-, 3000-, 5000-, 6000- and 8000-series), and enhances the base alloys with the following features: unrivaled combination of strength and ductility, heat-treatable and weldable, thermally-stable to 400 °C, excellent creep resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, excellent machinability. Our nano-modified aluminum alloys do not contain rare or expensive elements and do not require changing the processing of the original alloy.


High-Strength, Creep-Resistance Wire

NanoAl has developed electrical wire with creep resistance comparable to copper, with higher specific strength and specific conductivity than copper.  Applications span terminal contacts in building cable, light-weight battery cables in electric vehicles, and wire bonding. NanoAl has also developed a new overhead aluminum conductor that has unrivaled combination of strength, ductility, and electrical conductivity, enabling improved efficiency in the electric grid.


High-Temperature Casting Alloys

NanoAl offers a suite of castable, heat-treatable aluminum superalloys designed for extreme temperature conditions. Excellent thermal stability of these alloys provides outstanding performance at elevated temperatures, up to 400°C, while maintaining high strength, ductility, conductivity, aging- and creep-resistance,  without relying on rare or expensive elements.